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Video Art

A visual interpretation of water molecular movement during phase transitions

Concept                                Valeria Latorre

Movement Design



Dancer                     Venla Mustonen


In collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Venla Mustonen, we tried to translate in dance form the dynamics and rhythms of water molecules. Respecting the cycle design, the video starts and ends with vapour, passing through three phase transitions: condensation (from vapour to water), freezing (from water to ice) and sublimation (from ice to vapour).

In each state molecules have a different personality. The water ones are sticky, grabbing each other and breaking the bond continuously. Dynamism and out of control movement is the temperament of the vapour molecules which collides and never stop. During the ice phase instead molecules are completely still and stretch themselves taking as much space as they can, grabbing each other and not leaving. The interpretation in dance form narrates water particles reality through the movement of one dancer in a black space. Through the body shapes in motion we are trying to tell the story of one and interacting molecules at the same time. We analysed the micro and macro ramification of what happens within H2O fragments, zooming in and out some of the many complex dynamics arising in the water world.


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