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 Analysis on the human perception of the interaction between water and light


2016 - 2020

Posidonia is a visual research on water that starts and goes beyond the personal connection to it. Human perception is influenced by many factors such as the symbology associated with water through different cultures, philosophy, its physics and chemistry. These studies sustain the visual creations that aims to increase consciousness about the inner value of the compound revealing its natural movement and dynamism through the interaction with light. Hyperrealism is used as a tool for research in order to share the truth of water unravelled by the artist's vision. Free from the observable references the work expands in abstract images inspired by the aforesaid visual study on the states of the molecule H2O. 

Posidonia Oceanica is an endemic Mediterranean plant with the same external organization as the superior plants. It forms large underwater meadows that are an important part of the ecosystem. The fruit is free floating and known in Italy as the Olive of the Sea. The plants of Posidonia oceanica grow forming wide meadow, for an optimum growth it needs transparent waters. For this reason, the presence of dense and large meadows is a clear sign of the quality of its waters. The presence of Posidonia Oceanica proves the quality of the water represented in this series of paintings. The focus is on the refraction of light on a soft background, the sky at different times of the day.

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