Portrait Commissions 

Hyperrealistic portraits are available on commission. 

You will have to follow a series of steps.

1- Discuss the subjects, medium, background, colours, dimension, photographic material or life portrait,...

2- In a few days you will get a range of the estimated portrait costs and an exact estimate of the initial non-refundable deposit you will need to pay before the process starts.

It will cover the time taken by the artist to finalise the details of the painting.

The non-refundable deposit estimate depends on the estimated final costs of the portrait. It's usually 10% of the maximum range of the final costs estimate.  (For example, if the estimate is £2500-£3000, the non-refundable deposit will be £300)

3- After the initial non-refundable deposit is paid, you will discuss and finalise the exact process and details of the portrait.

4- An exact estimate of the portrait costs and the time needed to complete it will be presented to you. It will need to be paid in 3 steps adding to it also the shipping costs. (Portrait costs+ Shipping costs= Final costs).

5- First payment:  40% of the final costs. At that time the painting process will start.

6- You will receive some update during the process. Usually just one update around half of the time needed to complete the painting, at that time you will need to complete the second payment: 30% of the final costs. 

7- When the painting is completed you will receive photos of the painting and when you are fully satisfied you will need to pay the remaining 30% (third payment) before the painting is shipped.

8- Changes during the process are allowed but they will be charged accordingly to the time needed.