Observation of Interpenetration in a State of Normalized Strangeness

March 2020- September 2021, Italy

The analysis of self perception in meditation during the first lockdown in solitude generated thoughts which genuineness had to be proved.

What is introspection, reflexivity?

Would self-reflection generate an infinite truth which is perceived as finite?

What is infinity? Would infinity reflect the truth?

The search to explore these questions revealed the interconnection between many theories and concepts ranging from Mathematics to Advaita Vedanta philosophy, whose answers are hidden in the visual work that emerged during this period of time.

The theories on self-luminosity of consciousness (svaprakasata) in particular reflect the essence of this visual project, just as light does not need a second light in order to be revealed so consciousness does.

Water is depicted as a lens which mirrors at the same time the light penetrating from one side and its own shadow on the other side, reflecting an infinite texture of light directly to our eye, creating a finite image.

Its motion through time and space defines its natural shape and responsiveness to external elements.

Solo Work

Most of the work was created in solitude, within an existing balance.

With one hand I was holding the camera, with the other hand I was throwing water from a bucket. I was filling the bucket to the top in order to feel the heaviness of water in my wrist. In this was my strength was challenged by the weight and could not influence water motion in a systematic way, in pursuance of natural shapes of water

End of Solitude

The last images, instead, delineate the end of solitude and the dawn of a love relationship; the disruption of the antecedent harmony and the search for a new one to be shared.

The artistic possibilities increased, we were two people now.

One of us could throw water using two hands, the other could control the camera setting and push the button at the right time and in focus.

We had to synchronise ourselves and create a rhythm that we both could follow, giving ourselves more limits to filter our doubled strength to let the organic motion of water unfold.