Murals and murals commissions

Mural Commissions

How to choose your wall:

Choose to place the murals in rooms where you do not have a lot of furniture. Even if you prefer minimal decor, the wall mural makes even more sense.


There are wall murals for every taste. You could have a fun mural in the music room to motivate a child to play his/her musical instrument or if you teach music lessons out of your home.

In the bathroom you could consider putting a wall mural that reflects your chosen theme; whether a beach motif, a sunset or any number of themes.

A child’s bedroom is also the perfect place for a mural by placing a basic character mural on the wall. This can be a great way to decorate the room and let your child express himself. Keep in mind that a wall can always be re-painted. If you want to really exert yourself, set aside an entire room for murals. This is especially great for an extra room. Pick murals that make you feel peaceful, for example,  if it is the yoga and meditation room. If you are using it as a dance room, you may choose a dance theme such as Degas or dancers who inspire you. A small mural can fit perfectly in an unexpected place, such as the hallway.

Murals and scenery images can be as intense or as realistic as you like.

You will be involved in a very simple process:


1) We will take a look at the space and speak on how to translate your dreams into a design.

2) I will give you an estimate of the design.

3) After you approve the final design, I will then give you a quote for the mural.

4) We will schedule a time to realize the painting.

5) The painting will be finished when you are completely satisfied with it.


We work efficiently and charge on the dimension and complexity of the design and mural.


Any change requested by the client during the design and painting process will be added to the final cost (I will give you an quote before we proceed with the changes).

Murals and Backdrops Gallery

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