Human Distortion

Experimental photography based on water image distortion happening from water-light interaction and expressed through reflection, refraction, diffraction and scattering. 

In collaboration with: Flora Iantorno | Venla Mustonen |Ely Principe

Mother, woman, distortion, reflectin, water, refraction, movement, light, sky
water, movement, light, dancer, sea, sky, calabria, splash
Dance, movement, water, calabria, light, sea, dancer, reflection, refraction, diffraction
Water, light, movement, dancer, sky, refraction, splash, transparency
movemeWater, light, london, dancer, hyde park, sky, reflection, refraction,  clouds
water, light, movement, dancer, refraction, reflection, sea, calabria, transparency
Ely Principe, water, reflection, drop, light, sea, sky, blue, red hair