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The Online Art Mentoring is a long distance learning from the comfort of your home at the time that most suits your needs. You will be able to practice drawing, painting and/or mural painting at your own pace, getting systematic instructions and feedbacks on the art project you are working on. 

Note that, because of the nature of the one-to-one mentoring, each student will be taken great care and time in personalised critiques and lessons.

This is a most affordable and time flexible learning practice which requires self-discipline and commitment under the instructor's judgement. The students will need to be open to follow and work under guidance and critique to be able to reach goals and experience art technique and creativity improvement. 

You will learn in a non-standardised way the tools to read any image and analyse it with your eyes. You will understand more about perspective, proportions, colours, composition, contrast, volume, shading, etc... and feel able to understand what you are drawing and painting, take decisions and face challenges. These are tools are important to learn in order to go beyond them and find your artistic voice. 

Previous classes and workshops

available on request

Trompe l'Oeil Workshop


Drawing Classes

Photorealism Workshop

Mural Painting Course

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